Laundry Battles – Winning the Laundry Wars

winning the laundry wars

I sometimes wonder if winning the laundry wars is possible!  I am at constant war with Mt Washmore.  Mr Washie may be my friend, but Mr Dryer is my mortal enemy.

I would do most anything to win the laundry wars!

A friend posted today that she was seriously lacking motivation to get her laundry caught up. Instead of tackling the post-vacation backlog of laundry, she wanted to do something fun (like nap). I’m having similar issues today, so I challenged her to a laundry battle.  I sent her a message that said

I challenge you to a laundry war! Whoever gets the most loads washed, dried, and folded today wins. If its just clean and needs folding, that counts too. The other person also wins, but they get to buy the coffee. 🙂

She hasn’t responded yet, but I’m starting anyway.  I have some serious laundry problems.   More later.  Feel free to join in the battle.

Or tell me… what crazy thing do you do to get motivated?

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Susan Baker

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