Crazy Laundry Battle Update

laundry battle laundry wars

My friend and I are in a week long laundry battle to get caught up on our laundry.  This is day three.  I thought I would give you a quick update of our progress.

Friend: Yesterday got 3 loads washed and dried, two loads put away plus put away all the clean clothes left from our trip. Will be gone a good portion of today (swim class, bible study, swimming pool) so you will probably win 😉 Getting load number 4 (of 6) in washer now, will dry when I get home later.

Me: I actually saw the laundry room floor yesterday. That’s when the kids informed me that their bed needed changing (2loads) and then went swimming (1more load). Today’s goal? Folding and putting stuff away. I texted u the photo. Got 5 loads thru the dryer yesterday, but nothing put away. Folded and sorted the backlog of linens and towels that I just got out of storage. Do I really need 34 extra pillow cases? I’m running errands today, so u still have a chance.

Gotta run, lots of laundry to do.  I’m about to run out of laundry soap at the rate I’m going.  Wouldn’t that be tragic.

Out of curiosity, how many loads of laundry do you try to get done in a day?

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