Thankful Thoughts: Fathers

Awareness. Appreciation. Gratefulness. Thankfulness. Gratitude. Enjoyment. Thanksgiving.

Happy Father’s Day! Today I am thankful for my husband and the father of my children. Over the last dozen years, he has been my constant partner and companion in life. He is my best friend. He is also an amazing dad. I could write pages on how much I appreciate his role as husband and friend, but today… I’m thankful for him as the father of my sons.

When they were babies, my husband took his share of night time duty. He changed diapers without complaint. He was a master at lulling the boys to mid-day naps. He was always there and willing to do the ickiest bits of baby-care – nail clipping, mucus sucking, you name it. He is still the champion baby swaddler of all time.

As the boys grew, my husband began to teach them all the fine arts of being boys. Fishing, working on cars, spitting, catching bugs, rolling in the dirt, and belching are just a few of the skills my husband has taught the boys. In the process, he taught me much about appreciating the differences between boys and girls (and men and women) and how to appreciate all that boyish behavior.

He teaches them things that I can not.. like why it’s not ok to hit girls, or how to make a woman laugh when she is angry. He answers the questions I have no answers for… like how to burp on demand, or why it isn’t ok to hunt for cows. He shows them things that I would never be able to show them… like how to not cry when it hurts, or how to pee standing up. He teaches them to be good at stuff I stink at… like cleaning out the cat litter box or remembering that it’s garbage day.

As a parent, my husband is rough where I am smooth, he is firm where I am soft, yet he also teaches mercy and grace. My sons’ lives are infinitely richer because of the man their father is. I can not imagine how much harder my job as a Mom would be without him as my partner.

Motherhood is a journey of discovery, and he is my perfect traveling companion.

What are you thankful for today?

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Susan Baker

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