Everything you need to know about eggs?

Everything you need to know about eggs, according to my MIL.

I was talking with my mother in law (aka MIL, she knows I blog, but she is computer-phobic and won’t look) about eggs.   I probably do have a family member who will read this blog and tell her about what I wrote.  (Aunt A, I’m sorry I’m so sarcastic in my mind… that’s how God made me.  But at least now you know your sister’s secret for hard boiled eggs.)

I had asked that she share a few of her favorite recipes along with the stories behind them.  I love food stories.  I love how dishes become entwined in family history and take on almost mythological significance.  I love how the mere mention of a recipe (or smell or site or even just seeing the right ingredients together) can trigger a whole flood of emotion and memory.  I love how a shared dish can bind people together beyond explanation or reason.  Like my grandmother’s jam cake recipe, or my aunt’s angel salad, or my other aunt’s yeast rolls. … … … oh wait… eggs, right.

eggs according to my MIL

MIL  shared her recipe for creamed eggs.  She’s quite proud of having created a version of the dish that is dairy, gluten, and onion free (all issues for her).  As soon as I can decipher her recipe and replicate it, I’ll share her version as well as my own.  In the mean time, here’s the conversation I had with my MIL about eggs.  It’s supposed to be everything you need to know about eggs.

She’s never even heard of Pinterest and has probably never even thought about making hard boiled eggs in the oven.

Everything you need to know about eggs (according to my MIL)

MIL: I want you to share my secrets for hard boiled eggs.

Me: Okay… what secrets?

MIL:  Well, the secret to finding eggs that peel easily is to use old eggs.  Did you know that egg cartons have an expiration date?  You want the ones that are about to expire.  Fresh eggs are hard to peel.

At this point I’m thinking “of course the carton has an expiration date.  hello!?!”

Me:  Really?

MIL:  If you have to use fresh eggs, set them out on the counter for a few hours before you boil them.

Me:  Alright…

MIL:  I always leave my eggs sitting in the water overnight, and then peel them the next morning when they are perfectly cooled.

I’m thinking… um… ew… spoiled eggs?  Leaving them out sounds nasteeeeeeeee.  But I keep my mouth shut.

MIL:  And then comes my real secret.  How to peel a hardboiled egg.  Most people don’t know how to do this, and they absolutely LOATHE peeling eggs because they don’t know how.  Even my own sister doesn’t know this secret.  When I visited her, I offered to peel her eggs and she was in shock at how quickly and puuuurfectly I peeled those eggs.

Me:  So, what’s the secret?

MIL:  You know the flat bottom side of the egg?

She has me at the edge of her seat.  I’m imagining some secret trick with a darning needle (whatever that is) or maybe a special magic word that makes the egg shell fall off.  Maybe a secret ingredient like vinegar or baking soda is involved…

Me:  Yes…

MIL:  Well, you tap that hard against the side of the sink to make the shell crack.

I’m not saying a word.  I’m breathless with anticipation.  But I’m thinking “Okaaaaay…… I do that.”

MIL:  Then… you… flip the egg over and tap hard on the pointy part.

Still silent in anticipation, but I’m thinking  “Ummmm….. I do that part too.  Comeoncomeoncomeon… spill the big secret part.”

MIL:  Then… and this is the part most people don’t know… you tap all around the middle and crack the rest of the shell.  And the egg almost peels its self.

Me:  Wow.

I was so disappointed that she didn’t have some amazing secret I didn’t know.  I mean, how else would you peel an egg?  Are there other ways to do it?

MIL:  You’d be amazed at how many people don’t know how to peel an egg, and it’s so simple once you figure it out.
Me:  Well, thank you for sharing your secret for peeling hard boiled eggs.  That is a very helpful hint.

I’m so torn.  On one hand, I feel like she’s sharing something that everyone already knows (except the part about leaving cooked eggs on your counter overnight).  To me, it’s the perfectly obvious way to peel eggs, and it’s very simple.  But, I’m also the woman who says making a souffle is easy (it is, for me).

On the other hand,  if someone actually didn’t have the secret key to opening hard boiled eggs, they’d be mighty grateful for my MIL’s advice.

Which leads me to wonder… how else would you peel an egg?  Curious minds want to know.  Anyone?

everything you need to know about eggs

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  1. you lave me laughing woman, I love how you are waiting for a big reveal, I would be too. I soak mine in water until they are cooled off, but I am going to try that cracking them on the sink trick.

    Love the Alton Brown reference, I am riveted by his show. I don’t try cooking like him, but I like to watch him

    • I love Alton Brown, but I’m much more of a “wing it” kind of cooker. My husband (mr geeky engineer) LOOOOOOVES Alton and wants to follow his recipes exactly.

  2. I don’t peel eggs very often, mostly because despite my love of an egg scrambled, over easy, sunny side up, or pouched, I have never been a fan of the hard boil. I have a vague memory of a bad cafeteria experience in the 1st grade….

    Anyway, my husband loves hard boiled eggs, so I’ll have to make them for him sometime and make a mental note about how I peeled them.

    PS Love the story telling element of this post!

    • My son gets on hard boiled egg jags. I’m not a fan… Normally. I got hooked on the pinterest egg salad as a quick healthy lunch. 2 eggs, 100 calories of wholly guacamole. Leave 1 yolk out.

  3. comeoverforcoffee says

    Oh you made me laugh!! I saw your title and couldn’t figure out where you were going with this post. Then I just laughed and laughed. Love it!!! Your anticipation of the big secret was my favorite part!

  4. Just wait to see what I do with eggs next week. 🙂 bwahahahaha!

  5. What an eggcellent post (sorry, couldn’t resist!). I’m the only one in this picky family who will eat hard boiled eggs so I usually only make them at Easter but that’s how I peel them as well!

  6. ashleyinnc says

    Ha, ha, ha! I just love your description of the conversation. That totally made me laugh! I am not a hard boiled egg eater, but I did once crack a raw egg in my hand just by squeezing it…I am thinking it would be my Miss America talent for sure! 😉 Stopping by from SITS. 🙂

  7. I’m with you – I don’t have any trouble peeling eggs. My mom, on the other hand, has been asking me for tips on how to peel eggs. She has a terrible time. I did some research and shared with her some of the things I learned. Someone told her to put a little baking soda in the water when you’re cooking them and she says that works great. I’ve suggested she come over and make eggs while I watch so I can see what she’s doing. We make them the same way!

    That being said, once in a while I get an egg that’s hard to peel but it’s just not a big deal. I usually boil 7 eggs instead of 6 when I’m making deviled eggs. That way if I mess one up, I still have enough. And my black lab gets the messed up egg which makes her extremely happy.

    But I didn’t know about boiling eggs in my rice cooker. If I can find the steamer insert, I’m going to try it! Thanks for the tip.

    Visiting from SITS.

    • i’ve never tried the baking soda trick, but i probably will try it. most of the time i use my rice cooker, i pop an egg or two on the top. it’s nice to have a healthy snack without extra effort.

  8. This post cracked me up (no pun intended)! I was waiting and waiting for the secret to cracking a hard boiled egg to find it was what I usually do, haha. Well, aside from using eggs close to being expired and allowing fresher eggs to stay out for a few hours. Great post though, it had me laughing.

  9. Mom of A and a says

    You’re so funny!!! Visiting you from the mommy brain mixer….glad your MIL does not read this blog!!

    • i’m glad she will never see this post. generally, i won’t post things that i don’ want family members posting. i had to make an exception for this story.

  10. haha I think I was like you… um where is the secret mil??!! I do that stuff lol I guess maybe there isn’t but I remember my grandmother being able to hit peel without ever dealing with all the small little egg pieces. I ALWAYS have to rinse them off again because I have all the little pieces still stuck.

    • i tried really hard to peel hard boiled eggs without using the “secret mil method” and i honestly couldn’t find another one. how else would you do it???? 🙂

  11. so i HAD to come back and tell you something. So random but I was searching through my pintrest and someone pinned something that made me think of you. – add baking soda to your water when boiling eggs- delightedmomma.com!!

  12. Too funny! I love this!! My secret is to overboil the eggs. They taste the same to me but the shell comes off in one piece! I’m super happy that you linked up to the Mommy-Brain Mixer this week, friend! I hope to see you again next week! 🙂

  13. I was on the edge of my seat, and then I was lilke “yeah, okay, I do that, uh-huh,all night?, that’s it? I do that”. I also roll mine a little to crush the shell so it all sticks to that filmy part. This was terribly funny. need to read more now. 🙂
    Amy Tilson recently posted..Join Me TomorrowMy Profile

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