Errand Report: Photo Safari

I started today with a list of errands and a list of items the kids were supposed to take photos of on their “photo safari.” My list included a dollar sign (we were going to the bank), a flower (we were going to my moms), a mailbox (we were checking her mail), some balloons, and some fruit (the grocery store).

My kids decided it would be more fun if they added some extra stuff to the list (a house, an “easy” button, some horses, a book, the letter “R”, a diet coke can, and a yellow traffic). They had fun spotting stuff to take photos of and it was a total success.  My kids were motivated to go to each stop to accomplish their photo challenge.  They made the challenge their own, and it was a hit.  I did learn a few things.

  • The bank really doesn’t like it when you take photos inside their facility.  Something about security.  Don’t ask.
  • My kids will find fruit in the strangest places (the lemon in my drink, a photo of fruit on a cup).
  • There are dollar signs in LOTS of places.
  • Donuts before chores probably wasn’t the best idea, even if it did give me a chance to jot down my list (and theirs).

We also had an Elvis sighting!

While we were at lunch, there was a birthday party a few tables over. They had an Elvis Impersonator.  I could hardly wait for him to leave so I could say “Elvis has left the building.”  My kids didn’t know who Elvis was, so we’re trying to fix that.

We stayed at my mom’s house long enough to build a lego gun.  My favorite part was the bananas on the front. That means I made time for them to run around and make noise in the middle of errand day.  Definitely worth the extra ten minutes.

We brought home water balloons that my kids didn’t even see me toss into the basket. They got to spend the rest of the afternoon in the front yard making water balloons, playing in the mud, and generally having a blast. That was their reward for errand day going so smoothly.

The best part of photo safari was coming home.  It took two minutes to pull the photos together.  We curled up on the couch and looked at all the pictures and laughed and talked.


I’d love to see a collage of your photo safari. Care to share?

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