Errand Game in Action: The Alphabet Game

Last week I wrote an article about making errand time with kids more manageable.  One recommendation was to make errand time more fun by playing a game.  I’m reporting back with an update featuring this week’s game.

On our recent trip to the grocery store, we played the alphabet game, photo safari style. I should probably apologize to the Kroger shoppers before I go any further.  Several people gave me odd looks as my kids called out the next letter and told me what they wanted to take a photo of.  As we walked the store, I grabbed the items that I needed.  I admit I guided them a bit based on where in the store I needed to go.

This was so fun.  I would not want to do it every trip, but every few months or so this is wonderful.  It worked well for a short list (about 10 things total) and an uncrowded store.  My kids were under control at all times and did not get in trouble even once.  They were so busy  having fun that they were shocked to discover it was time to go to the checkout counter.  While I checked out, they looked at the photos they had just taken.

In the works:  a FREE ebook featuring a dozen errand games for you to try.

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