Dirty Socks? Not a problem.

Believe it or not, my kids are not in trouble for these filthy socks. I actually asked them to do it.

I wanted to test to see if my homemade laundry soap did as good of a job as the store bought stuff.


My kids thought I was crazy. After about 30 minutes, they realized that wearing dirty socks was “gross” and uncomfortable. They ground in plenty of dirt, and I suspect there are some grass stains under all the mud. I’ll add some food stains on the top side of the socks. After that, I have four stained socks and four straight-from-the-package socks. I plan to use them as follows:

  • Set A (one stained and one unstained):  The control socks.  They will stay untouched.
  • Seb B (one stained and one unstained): Water only.  These socks will be washed with just water in with some other laundry… a representative household load.
  • Set C (one stained and one unstained):  My homemade stuff in regular loads.  I don’t use bleach or softeners, and I rarely sort my laundry.
  • Set D (one stained and one unstained):  Tide Unscented Liquid in regular loads of adult clothing.  GoGo has some skin allergies, so I won’t wash his stuff with Tide.

The plan is to wash each set multiple times, photographing the results each time.   I’m not sure how long I will continue, it depends how interesting it is.

Why?  I’ve been involved in multiple discussions about homemade versus store bought laundry detergent.  Most people swear that their choice gets stuff cleaner than any other choice.  I feel the same way, but I have never taken time to prove it.   Let’s face it, re-washing clothes because they didn’t get clean the first time stinks!  Part of winning the laundry wars is having the best detergent I can find!

As a side benefit, I get to teach my kids about scientific method.  How cool is that!


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