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It’s Father’s Day.  I would be remiss if I didn’t take time today to share some thankful thoughts about dads.

Dads are amazing.

Without dads in my life, my education would be incomplete.  There would be huge gaps in what I know.  The lessons I learned at the hands of dads make me a better mom.

My dad taught me to spit.

Not a little dribble down the chin or a discreet “lady spit” into a tissue.  Nope, those wouldn’t do.  My dad took the time to teach me how to spit a watermelon seed across the yard.  He taught me to make that spit fly several feet out the car window instead of landing somewhere on the car.

Hey, I was eight.  It was a big deal.

As a mom, I’m blessed that there are manly men in own children’s lives that took time to teach them the manly art of spitting.  My husband (their dad) handles that department.  But — because my own dad taught me all about spitting long ago, I’m an appreciative audience.  I can tell you…

My husband is doing a mighty fine job of teaching those boys to spit.

My dad taught me to fish.

I can do it all.  I can put a worm on the hook.  I can cast.  I can stand there for what feel like hours waiting for a fish.  I can even get a fish off the hook.

My grandfather taught me to clean and cook the stuff.

My best friend’s dad taught me to tie fishing knots when we were both in girl scouts.

As a mom, I wish I could say I sit contentedly in the shade while my husband and boys fished.  It doesn’t work that way.  Teaching two sons to fish takes two parents.

I’m thankful for the men in my life who taught me the basics in fishing so I can provide backup support as my husband teaches my sons.

my dad fishing

My dad taking time to show my son exactly how to tie a knot for fishing.

My dad taught me to camp.

I was probably four when I slept in a tent the first time.  I’ve spent a lot of time in cabins, tents, boats, rv’s, and the like.  I’ve cooked and/or eaten a ton of meals over the campfire.

Most of them were under the supervision of a dad – mine or someone else’s.

I learned ingenuity.  I learned common sense.  I learned to think ahead or do without.

Under the gentle supervision of dads, I learned about maps and stars and bugs and bears. In the process, I learned about life.

As a mom, I so thankful.  I’m thankful I learned enough to know which bugs to be afraid of and which ones to ignore.  I’m thankful I learned that a few germs really didn’t hurt.  I’m thankful I’m not scared of dirt.

Happy Father’s Day.

For everything you taught me dad, thanks.

thanks dads

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