My Kids Make Me Laugh – Camping

My kids make me laugh, and I love that.

my kids make me laugh and that fills me with joyI love how laughter helps me appreciate them more for who they are.

I love how looking for the laughter helps me focus on enjoying my kids.

This past weekend while we were camping, I really didn’t have anything else to do.  I just sat back and soaked up the goodness of two boys playing in the woods.

First, there were the flowers.

Right now, the roadsides are dotted with little yellow flowers and bigger yellow and black flowers.

watering the flowersMy kids decided to water all the flowers.

Yep, that’s my boys standing on the roadside.  They are both aiming at an anthill.

After that, they decided that the yellow flowers were marking spots where someone or something had gone potty.

The big flowers were from where the bigger animals (like deer and bears) had gone potty.

The little flowers were from where the little animals (like rabbits and um… more rabbits) had gone.

They called them “P” Flowers.

(edited 3/23/13

If you came here from another site that stole my content looking for a naked photo of my children – THERE ARE NONE.  I would NEVER EVER post that kind of photo online.  If you enjoy looking at photos of little boys p-ing in the woods, then you need help.  I’ll pray for you.  I’ll pray you don’t burn in hell.  Sorry for being blunt.  

if you must know, my boys aren’t even actually p-ing in this photo.  they are fully clothed.  they are watching a bug in the leaves.  i deliberately did not post the other photo because of nasty sick twisted freaks.  their sports jersey’s no longer use those numbers.  again, i know better.)


yellow p flowersThey giggled and brought me handfuls of “P” flowers over the weekend.

I’ll never look at Texas Wildflowers quite the same way again.

Then, there were the rabbit homes.

There’s a “path” around the campsite that cuts through the brush and back to the main dirt road.

(no, “main dirt road” isn’t an oxymoron, you can actually drive a CAR on this road.)

It’s the width of a bulldozer, and there are a ton of small trees that were knocked down to make the path.

My kids love to build homes for bunnies using the small trees and branches on the path.  They were quite excited to give me a tour of all their handiwork.

I can imagine how excited all the homeless bunnies are to discover the coney condominium built by my boys.

And of course, the lizards.

mr lizardMeet Mr Lizard. I wanted to name him “Eddie” but the boys wouldn’t have it.

“Agent L” is sitting on MY shoulder for this photo op.

(agent L works at the same agency as agent P – perry the platypus).

Thankfully, Agent L was on special assignment and scurried away to defeat the evil Dr Bearinsmurtz.  Dr B was trying to build a Bunny-i-nator.

(if you aren’t familiar with Perry the Platypus, sorry.  if you are… where’s perry?)

Watty is the oldest kid in camp, so the younger boys hold him in awe.

He has the special power of subtracting and multiplying and writing in cursive.

He also is really good at catching lizards with his bare hands.

He kept asking me to pet his lizard.

My Kids Make Me Laugh

This week, it really wasn’t anything specific.

It was just slowing down and seeing the world through their eyes.  The world looks very different from their perspective.

How have your kids made you laugh this week?

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  1. “Oh, there you are, Perry.” 🙂

    I may not ever look at roadside wildflowers the same either. Thanks.

  2. {Melinda} My son and I engage in tickle wars. Never sure when it’s coming — and HE usually loses, but he seems to get great joy out of catching me off guard. Then I tickle the stew out of him and he begs for mercy. Until 10 minutes later and he’s at it again. Makes me smile.
    Mothering From Scratch recently posted..mothering from the ERMy Profile

    • I love tickle wars! Sniper fire tickles (where they don’t see them coming) are the best.

      Last night I got to Watty using the pink eraser on the end of a new pencil. He didn’t see it coming until it was too late!

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  4. Summer camp activities helps your kid to be more cooperative and organized with fellow kids to be more productive.

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