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my husband makes me laughI mostly post about how my kids make me laugh and bring joy into my life.  Today I had to share something my husband said that made me laugh… and think.

Picture this:  two boys in the back seat fighting… serious fighting with fists flailing and objects flying.  Mom (me) trying to correct my children.  Dad (hubby) driving down the road with stress level rising.

Me:  Face the front.  Put a bubble in your mouth and put both hands over your head right this instant.

(silence, it actually worked)

Maybe that’s what is wrong with the world.  We’re all showing each other a little too much brotherly affection.Hubby:  Do you boys remember that you are not supposed to act that way?

Me:  Do you remember that the bible teaches that we are supposed to love one another like brothers?  I was thinking of Romans 12:10 and tried to quote it.

“Love one another with brotherly affection.  Outdo one another in showing honor. “  Romans 12:10 ASV

Hubby: (whispered)  Maybe that’s what is wrong with the world.  We’re all showing each other a little too much brotherly affection.

I lost it.  I was laughing so hard I couldn’t breathe!  Less than a minute before my kids had been trying to beat the living snot out of each other (while still being strapped into their seats no less!)   I knew exactly what Hubby meant.

But I was also thinking how perfect the picture is.

Brotherly affection?

"Love one another with brotherly affection.  Outdo one another in showing honor. "  Romans 12:10 ASVWhile my kids may squabble (constantly) they are also amazingly loyal and loving.

Watty draws pictures of cats for his brother almost every day at school, because he knows how much his brother loves them.  GoGo normally gives his brother half of any dessert, because he knows how happy it makes Watty.

When one of them is bullied, the other defends him.  When one is sick, the other happily fetches water, books, or toys until his brother is well.

Their love for each other is fierce and unwavering.

No matter how many times Watty makes his brother cry, GoGo is willing to forgive him and keep on playing.  No matter how mad they get at each other, their love is a given.

While I occasionally hear “I HATE YOU” at the end of an argument, both boys agree that the phrase is out-of-bounds, hurtful, and a lie.

Outdo one another?

Yeah, the kids are constantly trying to out-do one another.  They are only 16 months apart and the sibling rivalry is intense.  But when I can channel their competitive energies for good, they are amazing.

Perhaps that’s the lesson I needed today.

Continuing to outdo each other in showing honor would result in some amazing behavior from my kids.  Step one?  Explaining what it looks like to “show honor” to one another.

So tell me, when your kids are showing each other a little too much “affection,” what do you do that works?

March 12, 2013:  Edited for formatting and additional artwork.  It’s a solid post and it deserved a little love so I could put it on Pinterest.)

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