Book Review: Meet Me In The Laundry Room

Lord, Please Meet Me in the Laundry Room: Heavenly Help for Earthly Moms by Barbara Curtis.

I have to confess this was the first book by Barbara Curtis that I have ever read.  I bought it in hopes of inspiring me to greater success in my ongoing Laundry Wars.  By page sixteen this book had touched my heart.  That’s when the author said “somehow He made me understand that a mother of toddlers just isn’t like anyone else.  Most of the time, my life was not under my control at all, but more like a series of random events. It was the way I responded to events that my spiritual life could be measured.”    Much of the book is filled with autobiographical narrative addressing how the author grew to know God and become fulfilled in a traditional role of wife and mother.  It’s an uplifting autobiography, short on the sad parts and long on the story of redemption and renewal.

Barbara Curtis has written other books but this one is “about more than teaching children to be self-reliant, orderly, and helpful.  Because even if her children are the most self-reliant, orderly, and helpful children in the world, a mother who’s not finding joy in her daily life with them needs to know she can.”   I suspect if you are familiar with her other works, this one may be a bit different.

It was a short read for me (finished in one sitting) but well worth the time.  I came away refreshed and renewed.  With so much emphasis on the importance of finding quality quiet time first thing in the morning, it was nice to hear a different point of view.  Each and every menial task we complete throughout the day is a small opportunity for prayer.

This is a great book to give to a mom with young children.  It’s filled with humor and honest and encouragement.

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