My Kids Make Me Laugh: The Birthday Edition

I love you in legosWatty recently had his birthday party with a group of school friends.  It was a simple affair at the bowling alley.  I made ugly cupcakes.  The party favors involved gift certificates for ice cream.  The kids loved it.

After we got home, the boys attempted to play with all the birthday loot at the same time.   The result was a crazy mash-up of play that will never be repeated.    Here’s what I sent to the other moms later in the day.

Post party report: the Lego boat floated in the pool until it was overwhelmed by enemy water gun fire. The inflatable thingy may soon suffer a similar fate. The boys have big plans to use the nerf flashlight feature after dark to torture (I mean play with) the cat. The Lego dragon is plotting his revenge on captain America.

My husband and I were laughing at the antics.  They were having so much fun, and in truth so were we!  It’s wonderful to sit back and quietly listen to my kids at play.  They frequently say stuff that gives me the giggles.  Give it a try!  Go eavesdrop on your kids and find something wonderful.  Some examples from the past week?

  • The boys are using their walkie talkies and flashlights to spy on the cat. She is NOT cooperating!
  • “Hey Watty, come here and smell my sock.”
  • “GoGo, did you know that the Easter Bunny lives on Easter Island?  That’s why they call it Easter… after the Island.”
  • “Do you think Mommy really likes the burnt toast?”

Care to share?  What funny things have you overheard recently?


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Susan Baker

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