The Best First Date Ever!

Last week, I shared the story of my worst first date ever, so it’s only fair to tell you about my best first date as well.

It was February 12th, 1999.

In early January of that year, I started exchanging emails (via the same online dating service as before) with a man who lived about a three hour drive from my home.  We’d spoken extensively on the phone, but had put off our first date because of the distance. Besides, I was still a little nervous around salsa.

best first date ever

The man seemed nice, but I wasn’t enthusiastic about a long distance relationship.

We’d exchanged photos (I made sure there was only ONE face in the photos he sent, just so there wouldn’t be any confusion) and I liked what I saw.  I actually liked everything I’d learned about the man except for where he lived.   That three hour drive was a killer.

The man was driving through Houston (my home) to a location in Central Texas with some of his buddies one weekend and it seemed like an easy way for us to meet face to face.

(Yes, it felt weird to think about meeting him for the first time with all of his buddies standing right there.)

So we did.

It was the best first date ever!

That Friday night, we agreed to meet at a restaurant and meet in person while his friends ate dinner on the other side of the same restaurant.

I was so nervous when I was getting ready!  That was back when women actually wore panty hose under dresses, and I remember I ruined three pairs trying to put some on because I kept poking my fingers through them.   I even wore the three inch high heels to make my legs look better.  I wore a black mini dress with a long red jacket, light sheer stockings, black heels, and more perfume than normal.

Since the guys were going camping, the man was dressed in jeans and a sweater.

While I was getting ready and driving, I kept playing “It’s Just a Little Crush” by Jennifer Paige.

When we met in the parking lot, it was electric.  He was even better looking than his photo.  He was a total gentleman (unlike some other dates I can mention) and I wanted to kiss him right then and there.

I can’t tell you much about the next hour because I was floating on cloud nine.  I can remember that he ordered quesadillas and that he didn’t shove his fingers in the salsa.  But beyond that it’s all a blur.

(When we kissed in the parking lot someone yelled “get a room” to us.  blush.)


Best First Date Ever

I didn’t want it to end, but after our hour was over he was drug off to go camping with his friends.  I spent the rest of the weekend drawing hearts with his name in them.

I can honesty say it was the best first date ever.

We got engaged in April.  We were married in November.   And I never listened to that Jennifer Paige song again.

Tomorrow, I’m dressing up in a black dress with a red sweater and the best black heels I own.  I’m taking my man to lunch and kissing him in the parking lot.

It’s been a great 14 years.

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