Five reasons I love Amazon Prime Videos

i love amazon instant videoI’m surprised at just how much I love Amazon Prime Videos.  When we moved back into the house after a year-long remodel, one of my top priorities was getting our television and PVR hooked back up.  I was so eager to get back to watching prime-time shows at my leisure, eager to skip through commercials, eager to return to “normal” television watching.

We hooked up the DVR, but the kids aren’t using it.  Our year-long forced separation from cable television has radically altered my family’s viewing habits.   My kids spent a few blissful afternoons watching the endless stream of available cartoons, but then they were done.  They prefer the on-demand flexibility they get from streaming videos instead.  I love the fact that they watch zero commercials – I can tell a difference in their “gimme gimme” requests.  I love that they are watching stuff that I find more tolerable (I’m not a big fan of plastic toys doing battle with each other).

We hooked the DVR, but my husband and I didn’t bother watching much.  We miss out on a little, but not enough to bother us.  No, we don’t know who one the latest talent show.   No, we haven’t seen this season’s remodels or DIY projects.  We can live with that.   We’ve caught up on all the movies we missed when the kids were babies.  We’ve watched foreign films that we loved.   (if you click on the pictures, they’ll take you to Amazon)

When the kids are tucked in bed, our current guilty pleasure is the original Hawaii Five-0. .  A few episodes feel a little dated, but we are both amazed at how timeless most of the plots are.  It’s great police drama with family values, set in a beautiful location.


I’ve enjoyed introducing my kids to classic television shows I loved as a child.

Shows like Gilligan’s Island.

and all the episodes of Fraggle Rock

and even Rocky and Bulwinkle and Fractured Fairy Tales

and more seasons and versions of Power Rangers than I knew existed

OK, that last was a hubby favorite, not mine!

I think the best part is that we are watching all those movies for free!  Each and every one of them is available for free streaming using our Amazon Prime membership.  Amazon Prime Videos are our first choice for television content.  Yes, we have other streaming services, but Amazon is first.

Best things about Amazon Prime Videos

  1. The cost!  It’s already included in the Amazon Prime membership that I use for free 2-day shipping.
  2. The selection!  There is a huge amount of family-friendly content.   Watching older shows means that they are generally more family friendly and less likely to shock my kids (or me).  There are also a ton of newer shows that we love (Mythbusters!)
  3. Less visual selection.  Unlike Netflix, there are no visual recommendations based on previous viewing choices.  That makes it easier to protect little eyes.
  4. The flexibility.  I can start a movie downstairs on the television, watch the middle part on my Kindle Fire on the porch,  and finish watching it on my computer while I fold laundry.
  5. The lack of commercials.

Click on this link for your very own Amazon Prime 30 day trial.

So tell me, what’s your favorite video streaming package and why?


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  1. I use Netflix, and I like streaming old t.v. shows while I walk on the treadmill. I have gone through “Arrested Development” this way–so funny, and I had never watched it when it was being made.

  2. I am constantly telling my children there was a day when we had to watch what was on television, not what we wanted anytime we wanted. They don’t get it. I too, love Amazon prime videos, in fact, I barely watch television at all anymore. Which is why I love your article. I was looking for things to change in the New Year, and maybe canceling our Direct TV subscription is the perfect way to save money. After all, I barely ever watch it and neither do my children. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with the rest of us. I know it really helped me out and probably many others.

    • The best part of using Amazon or any streaming service is missing all the commercials! I love missing all the toy commercials around Christmas.

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