A self centered post about me

all about meIn honor of my birthday this week, it’s all about me.  I’m indulging in a totally self centered  and self indulgent post.

(don’t even start.  my normal posts aren’t entirely self centered.  i tell stories that involve other people.  i’m not THAT narcissistic on a daily basis, am i?  no wait… don’t answer that.  i don’t want an honest answer.)
interviewing my kids. yikes.It seems like as good of a birthday tradition as anything.  Besides, I tried interviewing the kids in February and that didn’t exactly work out.  Remember?

With very little fanfare, I present…

47 random things about me.

(the number of items may or may not be significant.)

  1.  In high school, I owned a beige dress that I wore deliberately when I wanted to go home sick from school.  The color looked that bad on me.  Even now, the color beige makes me look sick.

  2.  I was also a choir geek in high school. If you’re curious, I was a first soprano.

  3.  I had ten years of piano lessons growing up, but I still can’t play anything more complicated than a melody.

  4.  I’m certified to teach both high school English and math.  I graduated from Texas A&M University.

  5. Both my parents have degrees from the University of Texas.  Even good girls find a way to be a rebel.

  6.  My long-time friends just hooted with outrage – they know I would have rejected the “good girl” label in college.

  7.  I met my husband via an online dating service.  We were married 10 months later.

Best First Date Ever

  1.  I taught high school geometry and algebra for two years.  That was enough to realize I’d made a mistake in college majors.

  2.  I worked my way through graduate school as a clerical temporary employee.

  3.  At my skills test at the temporary agency, I maxed out the speed test for 10-key entry.  I typed 120 words per minute.

  4.  My first computer ran DOS 3.1 and did not have a hard drive or a mouse.  It had an amber screen.  It was state of the art.

  5.  My college term papers were turned in after being printed on a daisy wheel printer.  I did my drafts on the dot matrix printer because it was faster.

  6.  I used to edit and print other people’s college term papers in exchange for a pitcher of beer at the Dixie Chicken or Dudley’s Draw.  (see #6)

  7.  I didn’t get married until I was 34 and already owned my own home.

  8.  My children were born when I was aged 38 and 39.  They are 16 months apart.

  9.  I got pregnant the second time while I was still nursing.  It was New Year’s Eve.

  10.  I was VISIBLY pregnant at Watty’s first birthday party.  That may or may not be the reason he looked like this.

Let's celebrate that you want to contact me.

Let’s celebrate that you want to contact me.

  1.  I tell young moms and dads #16 all the time – and they are always shocked.  Nursing is not an effective method for birth control.

  2.  I hate olives.  They make me gag.  But I don’t mind cooking with them for my husband as long as I can pick them out.

  3.  I used to be afraid of glass elevators, but I worked on the 8th floor of an office building that had glass elevators.  I chose to face my fears rather than climb the stairs.

  4.  I prefer dark chocolate over milk chocolate.

  5.  I’m allergic to gardenias.  They are my mother in law’s favorite flower.

  6.  I had my very first MRI last week because my knee was swollen and I couldn’t walk.

  7.  I have “substantial” arthritis in my knees.  And ankles.  

  8.  I got my very first cortisone / steroid injection this week.  It made me able to walk again.

  9.  I’m terrified of big needles.  I’m terrified of small needles too.  Even the word “needles” makes me jumpy.

  10.  Getting my MRI, diagnosis, and treatment the week of my birthday made me feel OLD.  I cried.  A lot. 

  11.  I started making smoothies with every anti-inflamitory food you can name.  Tart cherry and ginger aren’t too bad together, even with the kale.

  12.  My feet are a full size longer than when I was 20.  I’m a whole inch shorter too.  I don’t think this is a coincidence.

  13.  If you’re worried about #29, don’t be.  I get a bone density exam once a year and I’m just fine.

  14.  My favorite author is Terry Pratchett.  I hesitate to tell people that because few people know who he is, even though he’s written over 30 books and has been knighted.

  15.  I like smooth peanut butter better than creamy.  I prefer grape jelly over strawberry.  Bet yet, just give e a spoon of peanut butter and a banana.

  16.  I had to spell-check “banana”.  Twice.

  17.  I wore braces for six years.

  18.  I never understood 80’s hair bands.  Even in the 80’s.

hair bands confuse me

  1.  If I have to kill a snake, I prefer to use a shovel and chop it into tiny pieces instead of letting it play with my children.

they will find snakes

  1.  When confronted with a garden snake, I’ve been known to throw the cat towards the snake in a vain hope that the cat will attack the snake and allow me to escape.  The snake in question was the size of a pencil.

  2.  I’m left handed.

  3.  Even though I’m left handed, I use right-handed scissors.  I also thread a needle right handedly.  Go figure.

  4.  When we go camping, I can start a campfire faster than my husband, even without cheating.  Then again, I don’t consider using half a box of matches as “kindling” to be cheating.

  5.  I like to drive in the dark.  My husband doesn’t.  This comes in handy on long road trips.

  6.  My favorite steak is a medium rare rib-eye.

  7.  I’m afraid to go in my garage.  It smells like dead rat.  shudder.

  8.  I pretend to sleep though any night-time visitations from my kids.  They have to walk past my husband to get to my side of the bed and he always wakes up anyway.

  9.  I can make bread from scratch, but I can’t make biscuits.  My biscuit attempts would appropriately used as landscaping rocks.  (If you know who #31 is, the phrase “dwarven war bread” would be appropriate.)

  10.  I’m not afraid of getting older.

  11.  I’m more interesting now than I was ten years ago.  This is ironic because when I decided to become a stay at home mom, my number one fear was that I’d be less interesting.

Yup.  47 totally random facts about me.

Next year, I’ll probably do 48 (more) totally random facts about me.  Why mess with a good concept.

What would you consider the perfect birthday tradition for a blogger?  Which one of those “facts” would you say will show up as a blog post in the near future?  Any guesses or requests?


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  1. {Kathy} Gosh. That was fascinating. I’m serious. I am always curious about how people got to be where they are NOW. I, too, typed other folks’ papers in college. I preferred the 20 dollar bill. I also used to cook for money. I would go to the grocery store, cook something fabulous and charge people 5 dollars to eat it. So, I guess I’ve always sold my soul a bit.
    A fun read.
    Mothering From Scratch recently posted..are we parenting make-believe children?My Profile

    • If I could have gotten $20, believe me I would have. I settled for beer. There was this whole “beer economy” going on.

      It’s funny how a series of trivial statements can go together to give you something meaningful. It’s like looking at a bunch of little dots and suddenly realizing they make a picture.
      Susan Baker recently posted..A self centered post about meMy Profile

  2. Get out of town! You are a Sop1 also?
    I have an English cert too.
    My 2 younger kids are 16 months apart. Number 18; yep!
    I’ve always thought we were twins separated at birth. But that math thing, and bananas… I’m going to check out Terry Pratchett; I know I’ll like him!
    Auntie Em/Melinda Stanton recently posted..Jesus is CallingMy Profile

  3. Susan, loved learning all that interesting stuff about you.

    You could never live in my house since snakes have lived in it, too – and not pets! The first year we were here we had 10 snakes in the house! 3 were in the family room and 7 in the basement. I had a serious snake phobia at the time. I’ve gotten better. You have to when you keep seeing them!

    I don’t like glass elevators, either. I prefer to close my eyes until it’s over but that kind of makes me sick. So I just pray I’ll get out alive.

    Happy Belated Birthday!
    Patty recently posted..Use Your Planner! 11 Tips for Staying on TrackMy Profile

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  6. I can relate with number 3, 10 yrs of piano lessons are worthless if you don’t… practice! Great read, thanks for sharing
    Laney recently posted..One Direction piano Cover: They don’t know about usMy Profile

  7. Hi,
    these are very interesting facts about you. Some of these I did not know people did and I’m happy to know that other people have some things in common with me. Thanks,

  8. There are many things i also done the same in my high school and after that also. This post really reminds me of my school time. 😀 Enjoyed reading this.

  9. Ohh I wish i could be your daughter too!!!

  10. Being randomly self-centered (or not so randomly in this case) is a good thing occasionally… right? i think? 🙂

    Honestly tried doing a list like this myself one time. The main thing i discovered was that if i went into enough detail i couldn’t stop at 35. so it ended up being a total fail…

  11. There are many things that are already done when i was in school..really nice post.

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