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When writing is keeping a promise

For me, writing is keeping a promise. When I re-committed to writing and posting by taking the #write31days challenge, I made a promise…

… To myself, because I believe God gave me a gift.

… To God, because using what He gave me is an act of obedience and worship.

… To my husband, because he pays the blogging bills and never questions what I feel is “necessary” as a writer.

… To my readers, because y’all are part of why this whole writing thing works.

… To my kids, because I insist that they see things through so I should to.

The honest truth is that sometimes, keeping promises is easy… and sometimes it isn’t.

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Five Minute Friday – mess

Here we are, back at Five Minute Friday!  Today is the day I write for the sake of writing.  I love this day.

Today’s writing prompt is… MESS.

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Three (more) gifts every mom needs

No matter what your Christmas budget is, there are a few gifts every mom needs (and can’t afford to do without!)

Last year, I shared one of my favorite Christmas posts of all time over a Mothering From Scratch as a MOMtor.  It was titled 3 Gifts Every Mom Can Give Herself.

You really should read the whole thing! In short, I suggested that you give yourself patience, perspective, and simplicity.  

(Those are still amazing gifts to give yourself.  They’re the perfect size and color and everything.)

This year, I’ve got three NEW gifts you should give yourself.   In my house, the very best gifts are the ones we pick out and give ourselves.  Before I order anything else pre-gift-wrapped from Amazon, I need to make sure I’ve given myself the very best gifts of all. [Read more…]

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Why I don’t bake baby Jesus cookies

I have a Nativity cookie cutter set.  I LOVE it.  Every time I see it in the drawer it makes me smile.  It brings back all the warm and happy holiday baking memories.  But I don’t bake baby Jesus cookies.

The set makes the whole nativity scene. It makes the whole scene including camels, wise men, sheep (very cute when frosted and then rolled in toasted coconut flakes), Joseph, Mary, angels, and baby Jesus.  It even has a cutter for making the walls of the creche.

When I first got the set, I made an elaborate set of nativity cookies using all the cutters (except the creche walls).  I used my favorite sugar cookie recipe and very carefully decorated each one.

Baby Jesus got a crown of silver balls. Mary got a blue dress.  I made lots and lots of sheep for the family to eat.

Then reality struck. [Read more…]

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The Super Secret Pumpkin Pie Recipe

This is the story of my grandmother’s super secret pumpkin pie recipe.

Growing up, our small southern church had a pot luck dinner EVERY Wednesday night (or so it seemed) in addition to the Sunday afternoon ones. Lots of times, my grandmother would bring her pumpkin pie.

My grandmother’s pumpkin pie was famous. [Read more…]

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10 reasons this is the perfect brownie recipe

These are my momma’s brownies. Don’t MESS with momma’s brownies.


I think I could make these with my eyes closed. They are the perfect brownie recipe.

Why are they perfect? Let me count the ways. [Read more…]

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Happy Birthday Son!

Last Saturday, my youngest turned eight.

GoGo has asked that his blog name be changed.  He says he hates it.  Since half the time I refer to him as Mr Picky, I guess I can’t argue with him.   My second grader is growing up.  I’m not thrilled with leaving his name as Mr Picky either, but I’m stumped at what else to call him.  Sigh.

For my long term readers, you’ll be so proud of me!  There’s now a New Year’s Resolution I can cross off the list.

We did the whole birthday party thing for him!  Since his actual birthday was on a Saturday, we even managed to hold the party on his actual birthday.  For him, that was a huge deal.

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Dear Son, I think you’ll be disappointed

Dear Son,

Last night, as we were doing the whole bedtime ritual thing you made a comment that concerns me greatly.

I’m not sure if you remember.  You said

Mommy, why don’t you ever check me out of school early like the other moms do? [Read more…]

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The benefits of eighteen (and some laundry stuff)

My kids are, roughly speaking, halfway to eighteen.

GoGo turns 8 this week.  Watty stays 9 until next May.

(at two loads of laundry per week per child, i’ve washed approximately 1,664 loads of laundry for them so far.  that’s a LOT of socks.)

Quite frankly, the idea that they are halfway to adulthood scares the living snot out of me! [Read more…]

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Salad according to my kids

My kids have a warped understanding of what goes in a salad.  They also have the strange belief that salad is my favorite food.

(it’s not.  that’s a tie between cheese enchiladas and chocolate mousse cheesecake. don’t make me choose!)

Since they were making barfing noises at MY salad for the day, I decided to ask them what they think makes a good salad.

GoGo’s Salad Recipe:



Scrambled Eggs [Read more…]

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