The Best Advice I’ve Ever Given

best advice top 10

After celebrating my sassy side yesterday, I wanted to celebrate the other half of my writing today by sharing some of my favorite posts, the ones that contain the best advice I’ve ever given.

It’s a mixed bag of stories, lists, and encouragement. They have one common thread between them. My life was better when I figured “it” out… and I’m pretty convinced yours will be too.

(For those who are following along with my 31Day series on the Love of Writing… no, I’m not avoiding writing. Honest. I promise I’m not avoiding writing something hard. It’s totally not a stalling technique because I can’t figure out the next part of the series. Honest.)

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Top 10 sassy posts (so far)

top 10 sassy posts so far

Sassy is defined as “lively and bold and full of spirit.”  I’ve been told that sassy looks good on me, and I tend to agree.

In honor of sassy, I’m sharing the sassiest posts from my blog (so far).

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Smart Humor | sarcasm, snark, sassy, snipe

smart humor

Sarcasm, Snark, Sassy, and Snipe.

I tend to lump them all together in one big bucket without trying to sort out which is which. If I had to put a label on the bucket, I’d come up with something like “things that make me laugh because… smart.”

I think it’s time I unpacked that bucket and look a little closer.

(Quick rewind… I’m trying to reconcile how half the stuff on my blog is of the “I need adult supervision” vein while the other half is in the “listen to this wisdom” vein.  I’m not exactly signing up to be a hot mess. I’m pretty sure God wants me to write and to be an encouragement to other women, but I’m struggling to understand how my sassy mouth fits with in with God’s plan.  In short, is God OK with sassy?)

I decided it was time to hit the dictionary. [Read more...]

#write31days – Sassy brings me joy

is God ok with sassy

“Is God OK with sassy?”  (That was the burning question I left you with on Friday. Remember?)

Until I could answer the question, I found it hard to even speak.  I didn’t matter how much I LIKE my sassy pants. I didn’t really care if sassy looks good on me or not. I needed to know one thing before I could move on.






It took until today to get up the nerve to even Google my question. I’ve been avoiding praying or searching scriptures on the subject.  Why? Because I’m human. I don’t want to hear “no” and I don’t want to be convicted.

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